Who is this weirdo?

So you want to know what’s up with me?

Fine, you asked for it. I was born back in the days of brown corduroy and Led Zeppelin in ye olde London city. I grew up on the streets (well, next to them, in a house) in the East End. I preferred playing in the woods back then, hunting and navigating by the stars, but was mostly made to go to school and grow teeth.

I moved to Oxford after a while, where I continued my love of the woods, adding a healthy dose of cider and high jinks. I always loved English Literature – from Bronte to Dickens to Tolkien, but being a show off I dipped into drama and music too. It’s safe to say my creativity rooted there.

I fronted an Indie band for a while, produced House Music, and generally messed about. Then I headed up North to the land of Robin Hood (Nottingham) where I studied English Lit and Media at Uni. I met my soulmate, and in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the UK, headed South, as far as possible. So it is that I now find myself scribbling away in Brighton – undoubtedly the coolest city in the UK.

All the while, I wrote and created, from poetry, to short stories, to little people. Ages knows where they came from, but they stuck around and I’ve come to appreciate them. There have been several bands since then, several jobs, and a lot of creativity on the internet, designing the web to sell questionable things to people who already have digital watches.

My favourite food is garlic bread. I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars. I love music. I love tech. I love stories. I live in my imagination.

And now you know.