A fantasy & sci-fi author from England

Born in London, Shaun spent his formative years in Oxford, studied in Nottingham, and now lives in Brighton, Sussex on the south coast. He has written several fantasy books set in the Feyrlands universe, and also writes sci-fi and Vogon standard poetry.
His novel, Nether Light, was a finalist in the SPFBO fantasy book awards in 2021.


Merry inbetweeny-mas!

Hey, how’s it going? I hope I find you suitably baked in your post-Christmas befuddlement. Schrödinger’s cat (Spoiler, Neo was alive, after all) See you...

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Wheel of Time & TV Review

Let’s talk Wheel of Time. How are you enjoying season 2? As you probably know, we have brought the After-Time podcast back (https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/after-time), and it’s...

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Do I even speak English?

I’m making the final grammar pass on my draft of AI Defend Us, my techno thriller set in a dark, near future London where tech...

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The March of A.I.

As I write, England is in the grip of a Narnia-esque freeze. Sussex is white, icy and a hideously cold -6c at night. Luckily, my...

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AI Imaginings

As I write this, it’s June 2022 and I’m watching on with envy as Glastonbury takes place – the ultimate music festival. Part of me...

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