I am a fantasy writer from England.

I grew up beneath the dreaming spires of Oxford, studied in Nottingham, and now live in Mid Sussex. Most of my work is set in the Feyrlands universe. I also write poetry. My work has been shortlisted for the SPFBO fantasy book awards.


Sword of Damocles

What with Covid, life has been relatively free of world-shaking events. However, I mentioned I was hoping to make it to a music festival over...

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Getting a Jab!

Am I addicted to Outlander?

Spring has sprung and Covid is (still) on the wane in the UK, but not sure if we’ll get to any music festivals this summer,...

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A Winter Muse

It’s cold in the UK at the moment, not that we’ve had much pretty snow down south to compensate, just bitter ice and frost. And...

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Me by a lake

The Titular Woes of Untitled Treats

They say you should make book titles as specific as possible. Alliterate them. They should flow off the tongue, have double meanings… well, I’d settle...

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Nirvana Tshirt

Postcard from Brighton

We appear to be living in limbo. Everyone looks like Batman's nemesis Bane (the masks), and what used to be my friends are now walking...

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