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Merry inbetweeny-mas!

Hey, how’s it going? I hope I find you suitably baked in your post-Christmas befuddlement.

Schrödinger’s cat (Spoiler, Neo was alive, after all)

See you later, 2023

2023 may have been all about AI and Covid recriminations, but we’re all about humanity and love in Brighton. It’s been a good year, all things considered. I survived Glastonbury, had a lovely holiday, played plenty of DnD, and wrote a lot. No new releases due to extensive rewrites and editor requests, but all books in progress are in a good state. There’s loads for fans of 18th century sea adventure in Kiprik’s sequel to Deliverance, all set against the magic of the Void. My techno-thriller, AI Defend Us, has been in a drawer since July, but as soon as Kiprik’s sequel is ready for beta readers, it will be back in focus.

A short, festive poem

I, a bottle of raspberry gin have anointed,
I’ve small expectations, so I’m hardly ever disappointed.

All my books are available for 99p/c at the moment in the 2023 Reddit R/ Fantasy Mega sale. That’s my entire catalogue for the price of a coconut. Proceeds go to charity, namely the Mary Cariola Childrens Center, a great cause.

Start here: https://mybook.to/LesserGood

I’m off to watch Scrooged now. Love me some Bill Murray. Take care and keep it magical for 2024 x


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