A flight across the Feyrlands

Feyrlands Map

The Flight of the Red Talon   We start high, so high even the eagles and kestrels circle below us. We see a great continent, the Midlands, the largest landmass in the Feyrlands, at least, in the known world. Scholars and adventurers insist much more remains to be discovered in this world, but for now […]

The Making of Nether Light


I always loved those programmes about the making of the film… Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Arc, James Bond… so in that spirit, here’s my take on the development of Nether Light.

Self-isolation Tips for the Jilted Generation


Well, I can safely say my hands have never been cleaner, every time I come in the house, I resemble Lady Macbeth, although I’m not sure she ever did her thumbs. Of course, in the UK, we are used to dealing with things like corona virus with humour. Who needs alcohol hand gel when dry […]