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Music festivals and summer shenanigans…

I’ve just got back from Glastonbury – the Daddy of music festivals. Boy! It almost killed me. We must have walked 20 miles a day at LEAST! Unfortunately, I pulled a calf muscle a week before going – I could hardly walk – an old football injury recurrence. Somehow, and amazingly, I managed to hobble to the entrance gates and after a two-and-a-half-hour queue to get in, my legs were feeling a lot better. By the end of the festival, five days later, I was back to full strength, but very tired. But then, I did get quite smashed.

The best band were Sparks – American artsy, weird, experimental music. They’re responsible for that song ‘This town ain’t big enough for the both of us’ – yeah, that’s them. Just joyous, I was very happy to experience the Sparks vibe – I release now why they are considered so unique. I saw lots of other great bands, although I missed many more, as is the way with Glastonbury.

Here’s some pics – (left to right) a tower made of ribbons, Sparks live, me being knackered on the last day.

Now we are in the heart of Summer, and I am mulling over my writing. I received the Beta feedback for my techno-thriller, AI Defend Us – which was good, but lots to consider before my final write. Meanwhile, Kiprik books are burning a hole in my soul – a 5-book series in my brain but not yet on paper apart from book 1. One of the hardest decisions as a writer is what to work on.

As far as my own entertainments go, in TV news, my better half and I finished Succession – the fourth and last season. It didn’t disappoint, although the ending would have been a lot cheesier if I’d written it. Still the best serious drama (with it’s dark comedy vibe) to have hit in the last few years, in my humble opinion. I also finished (in secret – it’s a guilty pleasure) Ted Lasso season 3 – really the last season? Who knows? The last episode was so cheesy you could have topped a pizza with it, but what else was I expecting? It was a fun ride. Black Mirror has also been on my radar – always a must watch for me, but this season has been a bit hit and miss. It seems to have turned into some kind of horror franchise, and the stories have been underwhelming and made little sense, while the usual insightful analysis of a 1984 style society or technological progress is absent.

Looking ahead, it’s only 2 months to go until the Wheel of Time hits our screens for season 2. Will it be better than season 1 (I should bloody hope so). We will be dusting off the podcast gear for season 2 of Wheel of Time: After Time. Don’t forget to join us for spoiler-free after-show discussion and insights.

Otherwise, I have a camping trip with family and a possible European excursion to look forward to. And in the meantime, I’m off to paint a bathroom, which will give me plenty of time to brain hack my book edits in my Mind Palace (as Sherlock would have it).

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