Wheel of Time & TV Review

Let’s talk Wheel of Time. How are you enjoying season 2? As you probably know, we have brought the After-Time podcast back (https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/after-time), and it’s a thumbs up from the panel this time round. Much better than season 1, so far – production, acting, scripting, the story – are all ticking boxes. Yes, we all […]

Music festivals and summer shenanigans…


I’ve just got back from Glastonbury – the Daddy of music festivals. Boy! It almost killed me. We must have walked 20 miles a day at LEAST! Unfortunately, I pulled a calf muscle a week before going – I could hardly walk – an old football injury recurrence. Somehow, and amazingly, I managed to hobble […]

Do I even speak English?

I’m making the final grammar pass on my draft of AI Defend Us, my techno thriller set in a dark, near future London where tech is, shall we say, a little problematic. Set against a gritty backdrop of a London crime world, it’s (hopefully) a fast-paced page turner. Grammar lessons for moi I actually really […]

The March of A.I.


As I write, England is in the grip of a Narnia-esque freeze. Sussex is white, icy and a hideously cold -6c at night. Luckily, my fiction is fizzingly hot inside my head at the moment. I’m deep into the guts of my upcoming techno thriller, AI Defend Us. I’m stretching the limits of technology in […]

AI Imaginings

As I write this, it’s June 2022 and I’m watching on with envy as Glastonbury takes place – the ultimate music festival. Part of me is glad my legs don’t have to walk ten miles a day, it’s a whole lot more comfortable watching from the sofa, and the toilets at home are much better, […]

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