Cover reveal for Servant of the Lesser Good

Servant of the Lesser Good

Today, we reveal the cover for the upcoming release on Dec 2nd of Servant of the Lesser Good. The eBook is available for pre-order on Amazon HERE. The paperback and hardback will release at the same time — there is no pre-order available for those, so you’ll have to wait, but the print proofs look […]

Sword of Damocles

What with Covid, life has been relatively free of world-shaking events. However, I mentioned I was hoping to make it to a music festival over the summer, and I’m happy to report I succeeded—Latitude festival (Suffolk, here in the UK). It was disconcerting at first, to be crammed in with 40,000 people again, but it […]

Am I addicted to Outlander?

Getting a Jab!

Spring has sprung and Covid is (still) on the wane in the UK, but not sure if we’ll get to any music festivals this summer, which is the thing I miss the most. I have everything crossed and bought some tickets for Latitude just in case, but we’ll see. We are spending a lot of […]

The Titular Woes of Untitled Treats

They say you should make book titles as specific as possible. Alliterate them. They should flow off the tongue, have double meanings… well, I’d settle for a single meaning. Truly, today I feel like I shall never release another book again, despite having one in the can.

A flight across the Feyrlands

Feyrlands Map

The Flight of the Red Talon   We start high, so high even the eagles and kestrels circle below us. We see a great continent, the Midlands, the largest landmass in the Feyrlands, at least, in the known world. Scholars and adventurers insist much more remains to be discovered in this world, but for now […]