Now, some people don’t like sport – that’s OK – some people don’t like cats, cheese, or republicans.

The reasons for not being engaged, and we’re talking about watching rather than playing sports, are varied and legitimate. After all, it’s one of the least consequential activities that we as human beings can undertake. The outcome is irrelevant, yet people seemingly invest disproportionately in it.

So why?

Surprisingly, it comes down to stories.

Who are the opposition? What is the grudge? Why is the star player looking so grumpy today? Did he cheat on his wife? Was the manager right to start El Player on the right wing after that well-publicised bust-up in training?

And what of your personal story? Your journey? Just like a smell, or a song, sport can trigger the deepest emotions if you allow it into the depths of your psyche.

Like all good stories, following sport takes investment. Lots of great books are discarded after a few chapters. Perseverance, as they say, has its own rewards.

So, if you don’t like sport, perhaps you just haven’t got past chapter three yet?