Douglas Adams is undoubtedly one of the finest comedic modern writers the UK has ever produced. If you are looking for insightful satire and commentary on our modern way of life (yes the 80’s still counts), set against the backdrop of the vastness of the universe and the possibilities of new technology, with a sprinkling of tongue-in-cheek philosophy, and you are a big fan of digital watches, then the Hitchhiker’s series is one for you.

HitchHikers GuideAmazing concepts abound, from the star ship which runs on probability, to a restaurant captured in a time bubble at the end of the universe.

The prose is extremely clever and Adams is the master of metaphor and simile, matched only in my opinion by Pratchett.

I was young when I read the series and it undoubtedly expanded my mind and influenced my attitudes, stoking a certain cynical optimism about life.

As a side note it is worth checking out the radio play version and TV series of the first book on YouTube, best to give the movie a miss though.