Why Discovery is the best Star Trek to date, and so much better than Star Wars …

What’s not to love about the new Star Trek? Discovery combines all the best elements from previous Star Trek series – ‘early’ tech (but not so early that it’s boring), at least one alien officer (arguably more), a well-defined enemy (the Klingons), an original concept for propulsion in the Spore Drive and very cool ship design, a great captain, played perfectly by Lucius Malfoy himself. And, of course, production values are the best to date, on par with the recent cinematic reboot.

And why has this new incarnation reminded me of why I will always be a Trekkie over a Warsie? Simply, they’ve never made a ‘proper’ TV show in the Star Wars universe. In a series, there’s more time to get into the characters, more room for comment and subplots, and having to squeeze a whole story (usually) into a one-hour slot leads to sharper, more focussed writing, most of the time.

The only element of the new series I’m not hot on is the Klingons speaking in subtitles while some horrible squawking noise occurs on screen. But, hey, too late to go back now.

Excited for the next ep!