Hallo dear reader!

Or should I say ‘Hello’?

Language is a hard master. Just when you think you’ve finally got a handle on it, you realise you’re almost a beginner. The word hello, probably one of the top 10 in the English Language, has become my latest bugbear. For some reason, don’t ask me why, I trained myself to switch to saying hallo because, as we all know, hello is wrong, right?

You scratch your head. With good reason. Because, of course, hello is the correct form. They’re not interchangeable or anything clever. No, hallo is just plain wrong. I would literally fail a 1st grader’s spelling test. So I wash my mouth out with metaphorical grammar wash. It happens all the time, of course, I bet there are countless words in your own vocabulary you think you know how to spell, but I have to break it to you, you’ve probably got another think (thing?) coming.

The way we use language changes all the time, of course, and as a writer, I am more aware of it than most. I love to subvert words for impact, but it’s amazing how many times I write something into a manuscript only to double check the genesis of a word or phrase and find out I’ve used the completely wrong spelling, or even word. And that’s never clever. But it’s only our mistakes that elevate us above the AI, so I celebrate every one, before carefully carving a new correction in my brain.

Personal Update

OK, grammar rant over. Since we last spoke, I actually made it abroad—a covid busting week with the family in Greece—Rhodes island to be precise. This is the first holiday in some time, and one we never thought we’d see, supposed to go in August until the dreaded virus struck us down 24 hours before our flight. But miracles of miracles, a taxi arrived at 3 in the morning, and before we knew it, we were touching down in warmer climes.

Check out this picture of me in Rhodes Town—a city older than London. So many lanes and alleys to explore, markets, old civilisation… I became quite lost in the wonder.

But I’m back now, wrapped up in my sweaters and scarves, and it’s on with the writing. I’m still cracking on with the next draft of the Kiprik sequel to Deliverance, Sky of Souls. Things are progressing nicely—some tear-jerking moments, which is always the goal. Publication for Servant of the Lesser Good proceeds with speed – 3 weeks to go until the official release date. But breaking news the hardcover version has just released – you can get it before anyone else. It looks great, and is available here: https://mybook.to/LesserGood

We’ve also released some new merchandise on the website, take a look at this natty mug – the ideal Christmas gift!

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