It’s cold in the UK at the moment, not that we’ve had much pretty snow down south to compensate, just bitter ice and frost. And of course, Lockdown III continues on into a 7th week… when will I get to hug people again?
I’ve been keeping busy. The Nether Light audio book is just around the corner, final phase of proofing underway. Maria Marquis has excelled herself on this one, the reading is just so gorgeous and well-interpreted, I think you’re going to love her performance. I’m still plugging away with the Mist book, current working title Doll Trap, final edits, definitely also coming to a bookshelf near you very soon. In other writing news I’ve been collaborating with some other authors on a short story for Queen’s Book Asylum – we all wrote a quarter. It’s an interesting process, something new to me, and I get to decide how the story ends. It’s a tale about a death pit, that’s as much as I can say at the moment, although I have a feeling it won’t end well…

Quick recommendations? Well, I’m currently watching Zapped on the BBC – it’s a very silly (comedy) fantasy series about a dweeby guy who works in an office (played by the amazing James Buckley – Jay from The Inbetweeners), who gets transported to a fantasy realm. The humour is quite Blackadder, if not as snarky, and has some great performances from a host of actors you’ll recognise, and some fun cameos. I highly recommend that. I watched It’s a Sin, the Channel 4 miniseries written by Russell T Davies about the 80’s, the gay scene, and how AIDS affected things. Brilliantly written, and although I wouldn’t call it uplifting in any way, it’s great drama and certainly brings home what it was like back then to have an unknown virus assail the world—a rather familiar theme. Worth watching for the performances and nostalgia alone. I’m also watching Wanda Vision on Disney. What a crazy show – set in the Marvel universe, it’s very unique, a cross between Bewitched, Agents of Shield and Stephen King’s Under the Dome, truly bizarre but v good!
That’s all folks. Now I’m off to play my new DnD character, Fazman. He’s a robot. It’s complicated. He goes bleep.

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