A belated happy 2019!
Can you believe we’re already halfway through January? Yikes…

So, what’s been happening? Well, my cat Neo acquired a limp this month, received fighting next door’s cat. Luckily, he has made a full recovery without me having to sell a kidney to pay the vet. Just in case of further cat-based disasters though, I’ve been keeping my kidneys in spit-spot shape with several visits to the gym, and keeping my sense of humour sharp watching a lot of South Park with the underlings. Working our way through 22 seasons. That’s a lot of schweeet right there…

Sky of Souls

I finished my revision of ‘Sky of Souls’ – the follow-up to Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep, and we are working on the cover to get that up for pre-order. It’s going out to beta readers this week. Still trying to work out the series title, naming stuff, it turns out, is as easy as pinning rosettes on gravy.

It’s been an interesting experience with this 2nd book in series, nice to have the characters already fleshed out, but the more time I spend with them, the greater responsibility I feel for the things I put them through. The final chapter needed heavy reworking, but it is now epic, heart-wrenching stuff, and everything I hoped it would be.

Through Blood’s Warm Curse

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Bindcrafter (my work in progress epic fantasy), some dark words from the oaths of The Constitution, a dark sect in the Feyrlands who strengthen themselves through murder. You may meet them one day in forthcoming Bindcrafter novels, let’s hope your favourite character doesn’t!

To crave the sword, immune to shield,
A dark destruction forged to wield,
Spares not the weak, or pure of heart,
Its deep, thick vengeance, woven art.

Through blood’s warm curse, a child is saved,
To lance and scatter to the grave,
Black reign of hell doth rest and dwell,
Dead life its light, and rot its smell.

Emblazoned by the hungered worth,
Consumed by space, at home in earth,
To rule by fear, tear down the spire,
To slaughter love of all in fire.

And taste the greatest cut of all,
The tangled breath of those that fall.

That’s all for now, back to the writing!