Festive Greetings!

As I look out the window from where I type this on Friday morning in Brighton, here in the UK, I see a white frosting on the hedges and sheds in my garden, it’s definitely getting nippy in time for Christmas.

It’s been a busy month. I have a zillion nieces and nephews to buy presents for as well as my own brood, and it doesn’t help that the delivery guy keeps hiding my packages in the bushes, I think he secretly prefers it to ringing the bell. As a result, my revisions on Rankers book II have been slower than I’d hoped, but hey, I’m past the halfway point, and at least I finished it, right? I’m back to the big disaster in the middle. I’m sure our hero, Kiprik, will make it through (well, of course I know he will, no spoilers), but how hot under the collar he will get in the process, he has yet to reveal.

I have a new short (The Poison Harp) with some backstory on my sassy assassin Mist from my yet to be released epic ‘Army of Me’ (Bindcrafter Paradigm Series) coming soon, that should be ready in the new year, and has been a LOT of fun to write. Meanwhile, there has been good news for Italian readers, ‘Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep’ is now available, ‘Salvataggio a Van Demon Deep’ is how you say it, I believe!

A Musical Month

I’ve been enjoying some music this month. Aside from doing an impromptu gig for my dad’s seventieth up in Oxford, including some singing which hopefully will never make it to social media, I’ve been enjoying listening to the Pendulum Reworks album, and Bloxx have a new song out which is always nice. Hasn’t really been much worth watching recently, that I have found at least. Been meaning to see Fantastic Beasts, do you think it’s worth the visit, or should I just go all out hammy and do Mary Poppins, so to speak?

My plan for the next month is to be merry, see family, and grab every spare second to plough on through my revisions. There’s just so much to write, and so little time to do it.

Best 2018 Fantasy

Other top exciting news is that Fantasy Faction are running their poll for the best Fantasy reads of 2018, you should definitely add your recommendations in the comments on this page. If you liked it, please recommend ‘Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep’, I’d love for as many people to read it as possible. Regardless, definitely support these guys, they do a great job promoting the Fantasy community and are a great source for reviews and recommendations for your next gripping read.

This Month’s Goodies

Before I go, here’s a couple of reads you may not have heard of, they have the Stevens thumbs up, so definitely check them out.


One epic special, three amazing books for the Christmas season!

A boy with terrifying power.
Six teenagers kidnapped by a tyrannical government.
A mortal drawn into one nation’s fight for freedom.

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Fantasy Read

In a subterranean world where light is everything, can an untrained mage and his son stop the encroaching darkness?

He’s an untrained mage spying on the men responsible for his best friend’s demise–with his young son in tow. And those men are hunting for magic-stealing rocks to fuel a zealot’s quest.

When greed collides, something far worse is released, and it’s hungry for a certain mage and his son. Who will survive the dark terror lurking under the mountain?

Find out what happens when the lights go out in Curse Breaker: Faceted

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